Submission Guidelines

As with everything, I have my set of guidelines that must be followed in order for me to consider reviewing your book.

  1. Please submit YA Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, or Poetry. I will occasionally accept a Self-Help book provided that it has a sole, major theme about recovery. Bonus points for books that combine any of these together! Though I review other genres, I expect it to be understood that I typically read them in my own free time and the reviews I write about other genres are typically not too detailed.
  2. You are agreeing that I will be posting my opinion about your book. This means that if I dislike your book, I will mention it within my review while stating the reasons why. However, I find book reviews to be critiques of the book. I will never slander, discriminate, or disrespect an author. I expect the same amount of respect in return.
  3. I prefer reviewing indie authors and authors who jump-starting their writing careers. Although I do sometimes read more popular books, I prefer the beginners and the indies because they are often overlooked. If you’re already here, your interest in submitting already means a lot to me!
  4. I require that you follow this blog in return. There are two follow options below: one by email, one by having a WordPress account. Please follow me through either. You may, additionally, follow my writing blog called The Rolling Hills (bonus points for this). I believe that writers work best when they support one another, and your support means a lot to me. I intend to support you in any way I can, whether I accept your book review request or not.
  5. I require that you have a websiteThe reason I include this is because I would like to promote your work in any way that I can. It can be a website about anything in particular (a blog on health, a website on how to successfully promote via social media, a site solely on your book, etc.), so long as you include your website in your submission.
  6. I cannot accept all book review requestsI am a very busy bee, so if I am interested in your book, you should receive a response within a week. Wait a minimum of two weeks for a review to be put up on the site. The only exception to this wait is if I have free time or find it hard to put your book down.
  7. If I don’t respond the first time, please feel free to submit again! Sometimes the website will trash something that you have sent me because of a site overload, so you may feel free to submit a book review request a second and a third time. However, I will not accept an author who is spamming my inbox with requests as I find it disrespectful and immature.
  8. My ratings are as follows: 5 stars means I thoroughly enjoyed every second of your book, no matter how long it took for me to read it; 4 stars means I enjoyed it; 3 stars means I liked your story, but either saw a few errors or know that it was not quite my preferred take on a story; 2 stars means that there were some problems I found with the editing process, the story drifted away from the plot too much, etc.; 1 star (almost never given) means that the story was completely inappropriate, handled the plot very poorly, had extremely poor editing, etc.

Thank you very much for reviewing these guidelines, and I hope to hear from you soon!