Ruined by Amy Tintera – Review

3 STARS ⭐⭐⭐ 

This book was well-written! The dialogue was well-placed, the epic sword fights between characters played out well, and the unique personalities made this story very interesting.

But there did seem to be a few setbacks to this–for me, personally. The story itself didn’t seem to have as much of a set plot like I wanted it to have. Sure, Em intended to take over the castle. But it seems like she doesn’t know how to even do that until once she has killed Princess Mary and has already settled within the castle for a while. Sure, someone could say that, “It’s because she needed to figure out what it was like inside the castle”, yet I feel like there should’ve been at least somewhat of a set plan. She’s not making Plans A, B, and C until about halfway through the book. It felt like time that Em and her fellow characters wasted.

Also, Em and Cas… I felt that the characters somehow can’t be distinguished into their own individual, separate characters. One example: Far into the story, Cas is out of the castle and wandering about and, somehow, he and Em are going the same way and cross paths? I personally felt that they “somehow” ended up crossing paths with one another, and the story’s plans for this meeting wasn’t strategic enough or self-explanatory. It made me feel like Cas and Em aren’t exactly characters you can tell apart once they’re in the same room. Somehow they “think” alike even though they have had very different lives, experiences, and–therefore–extremely different personalities.

However, despite all of this, I actually did enjoy this book. When Em is alone, we see a girl who has gone through a lot of terrible experiences and has developed a cold heart as a result. When she was alone, by herself, her personality felt believable. When she and Cas are together… it felt like something went wrong with their personalities because they seemed to drastically change their personalities in front of each other. Either that, or it’s true love messing with Em’s and Cas’s minds.

In addition to this, I also enjoyed the fact that the story’s climax begins just two-thirds into the story, because many stories tend to put the climax within the last 10-50 pages of the book. I actually enjoy that the author made her own story unique by starting it two-thirds of the way so that the pressure builds up more. Very impressive!

As a conclusion, I’d like to add that I did, in fact, enjoy this book (despite the few setbacks) and I hope to read the sequel to this book as soon as it is released.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, go to the Amazon webpage or the Barnes and Noble webpage to purchase. If not, feel free to check out the book from your local library. Thanks for reading!


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